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Systems of DR. ESCHERICH GmbH. are the leading products on the market of electrostatic systems, which are proce affordable at the same time. DR ESCHERICH set the market standard in terms of function, technology and product quality for over 40 years. The range of products includes electrostatic charging and discharging units with appropriate measuring systems, as well as surface cleaning systems and cleaning machines with suction and control equipment. This technology is used in different kinds of industry where it is necessary to clean surface from electrostatically charged particles.


Almost all manufacturers and processors are subject to ever-higher quality standards. The clients notice thereby the surface of the
products in particular. Also many manufacturing and refining processes require particularly clean surfaces.

Since more than 35 years Dr. Escherich GmbH. is spending research and development on the subject of avoidance and removal of surface contamination and neutralization of electrostatic charges. Our wide range of standard equipment, an understanding of electrostatic effects and not least the many years of cooperation with strategic partners are the main reasons we are able to offer you cost effective as well as tailor-made solutions for the removal of unwanted contamination.. These are our perfections which contradistingush us from our competitors ...

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