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Adhesive tapes


Let´s choose from our wide offer of services, products and materials.

Our company can offer you materials, services and support in following areas: Customs products, Adhesive tapes, protection foils and ussage and aplication of these materials.

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 Adhesive tapes                       

In this section you can find and choose the most suitable adhesive tapes , glues, and protection foils for you and your application.















Our company is specialized on the design, solution and production of materials from adhesive tapes, protection foils of different kinds of foam and felt materials on the base of requirements from customer.
 Antistatic products                           

Next specialization of our company are antistatic products (wipers, cloths, glowes, boots etc.) in the highest quality. All of these products are produced in CleanRoon 10 000 - 100.