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Production labels


Paper labels

Paper labels are made in matt, glossy and semiglossy varriant with different glues (removable, permanent, temperature resistant or for frozen products. We are able to do customes solution for you (different dimensions, different shapes, different materials or the diamenter of core. It is necessary to use TTR tape for printing on this labels in the most cases WAX or WAX+ tape

Thermo labels

Thermo labels we can offer in the variant ECO and even TOP based on the requested time for information visualization. There is not needed TTR tape for printing. Informations are written on thermosensitive layer. Even in this labels there is possible to choose different glue.

Plastic labels

Used for outside application, where it isn´t possible to use paper labels.

We can offer more durable plastic labels marked like durables (PE, PVC, PET). Labels are resistant to rain, sun, frost, etc. They are most resistant to  braking. It is necessary to use TTR tape for printing (WAX/resin, resin).

Special labels

On the base of customer request we are producing labels for special application like with high resitance to temperature or safety labels.

We are able to customized labels not on by dimensions or shape but even by numbers on the roll, perforation between labels etc.


We can even offer tags for application where it isn´t necessary to stick a label . it is possible to produce paper, plastic or thermo tags.


In a case of any question we are to your disposal on our contacts.