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Revolution floor marking

    here you can see "PERMASTRIPE RX" revolution and long lasting solution for floor marking, emergency exits, etc.


Adhesive tapes are produced from high qualita PVC material with side champfering. Back side of tape is covered by realy strong adhesive.

There is 2 years warranty for this tapes.

color variants: yellow, green, red, white, blue, orange, red-white, yellow-black, fotoluminiscent




Ideal solution for marking o pallet position.

Marking is produced form hight quality PVC with non slip surface.

"Cyrcle"  Ø 90 mm

"Arrow"  Výška 90 mm

  "L"  200mm x 200mm

"T"  300mm x 200mm

"Corss"  300mm x 300mm

"Floor round marking" Ø 430 mm - self adhesive with non slip surface used for marking in dangerous sectors in the warehouses, productions, stairs etc.


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