Technical support

Thanks to our more than 15 years experiences with project management, mainly from automotive industry, we are able to offer technical support in any phase of development or production. In terms of our technical support we can offer project management, change management and implementation of change management system, problem analysis, proposal and implementation of solution and improvement.

Out technical support lead to the improvement and stabilization of process, time and cost save and solving of root cause of different problems for many of our customers from different industries.


Our company offering in the area of Technical support even the 3D print possibility for prototype parts, assembly or any other parts for dimension or functionality check or presentation.

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On the picture you can see how the jig looks like when it was deliverd from the customer to our company and how it looks like after our maintenace.

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Problem analysis, proposal of solution

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We decide for 3D printing of face mask in our 3D printer.

In connection with studies about “surviving of virus on different materials” was clear for us, that it´ll not be ideal to print from standard plastic material.

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Immediately after delivery of special material for 3D printer we start with printing of face masks / respirators against  COVID-19.

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Our company attend on IIF (International Industry Fair) in Brno 2017, where presented IONIZATION and CLEANING systems from company DR ESCHERICH and SYSTEMS FOR surface treatment by FLAME, PLASMA and CORONA from company ENERCON.

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